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Thread: GitLab to the Budding Developer

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    GitLab to the Budding Developer

    I'm gonna start off by saying if this is the wrong place to post this please let me know. I've spent my whole life posting in the general help section and I don't really have a frame of reference for the kind of material acceptable to post here. So here goes:

    I am a student computer engineer who's goal, other than school, is to extract as much info about computers as I can. A couple of days ago I attended a Meetup about Raspberry Pi. Well the instructor gave us a bunch of fantastic source material accessible through GitLab. Problem is I can not figure it out how to extract this information for the life of me. I followed the instructions here: and then proceeded to create a SSH key for my local machine and pass it over to my GitLab profile but from here I don't know what to do. The only info I can find, or at least I'm pretty sure, is how to clone your file over to the repository.

    Thanks for your guys' help!
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    Re: GitLab to the Budding Developer

    a) there are a few "Introduction to Git" youtube videos. If you don't have any experience with git, the 45min would be worth your time.

    b) there is a free PDF book - "ProGit" - find that and read it. I've setup a git server for my little company, but we don't use a GUI for our repos - just ssh+git. All our guys have strong Unix backgrounds, so there wasn't any need to explain file/directory permissions to them. They found a git cheatsheet online somewhere and figured it out.

    Most repos don't require ssh keys to allow cloning. Just sayin'.

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