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Thread: qtqr will not read qr codes in 16.04.1

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    qtqr will not read qr codes in 16.04.1

    I posted a question about a week ago on launchpad/qr-tools but haven't had any reply as yet so maybe someone on the general forum here can help.

    On 16.04.1 (a clean install), qtqr will generate qr codes correctly - I can read them on a smartphone. But I cannot get qtqr to read a qr code.

    There is in the gui, an invitation to drag and drop a qr code into the gui. This does nothing at all on my system.

    There is also a drop down box labelled 'decode' which has an option to 'decode from file'. I cannot get this to do anything.

    Does anyone here use qtqr and can suggest whether there is some other dependency which is not announced in Synaptic Package Manager ?
    Or alternatively, suggest another software for reading qr codes ?

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    Re: qtqr will not read qr codes in 16.04.1

    I tracked this down (with some suggestions from Manfred Hamp) to a recently registered bug. See following link

    I applied the small edit suggested in comment #3 to this bug which I list below in case others here find the same problem :

    "And the fix is obvious. Go to the file '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/', the line 181 (as root) and replace 'tostring()' with 'tobytes()' "

    This fixed my problem and now qtqr decodes nicely.


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