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Thread: Latest headsup on what to look forward to in 16.10 unity

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    Latest headsup on what to look forward to in 16.10 unity

    Hi all

    was just curious what I can look forward to in 16.10. I read an older article on OMG Ubuntu and it mentions no changes to Unity 7 and some work on the software manager. Are there any more hints yet? Not really brave enough to test a daily build as I am currently doing my studies on 16.04

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    Re: Latest headsup on what to look forward to in 16.10 unity

    If you had asked this question a couple of days ago I would have replied: We get a transparent top panel. But that bug was fixed by yesterday's update. Otherwise, it is more of the same. Newer Linux kernels; Newer X server; New versions of default applications. The usual.

    It is intended that the 16.10 ISO image will install a Unity 8 session as an alternative login session to Unity 7. But that feature is yet to appear in the ISO image. Unity 7 will still be the default. We might get Unity 8 as the default login session by 17.04 or 17.10 but a lot of work has still to be done to make Unity 8 a desktop user interface.

    One of the thrusts of Ubuntu development work at present is to upgrade the code of Ubuntu phones & tablets from the vivid (15.04) code base to the xenial (16.04) code base and to use snap packaged apps instead of Click packaged apps. The future of Ubuntu is Mir, Unity 8 & snap apps and not X server and Unity 7 & deb applications.

    We can install snap packaged apps on Unity 7. There is a security benefit to running an application that is packaged as a snap but there are not many snap apps that are useful for desktop users. And the replacement for the Ubuntu Software Centre (Ubuntu Software) does not yet offer snap apps. We have to install snap apps by the command line.

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    Re: Latest headsup on what to look forward to in 16.10 unity

    Thanks that makes sense. My biggest bug bear is that streaming videos is not fluid on skylake with intel integrated graphics. Strangely enough the problem is not present on Fedora or Manjaro but I am determined to stay with Ubuntu. I just installed 4.7.2 and the latest intel driver packages which were released in a new installer yesterday. Can't yet say it has really improved drastically but is it safe/stable to run 4.7 on 16.04?


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