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Thread: Webcam with motion detection?

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    Webcam with motion detection?

    I gave an old Acer Aspire (5610z). I installed Ubuntu Mate. I have an *old* webcam trying to get to work to record how a squirrel is getting into our bird feeder in the back yard.

    I've read about "Motion", but can't get a GUI to show up?

    Have also tried Cheese and OCS. None seem to do what I need. I can access the webcam with Cheese, but I don't think it does motion detection? OCS gives me an error "Failed to initialize video: unspecified error"

    Am I at least on the right track?

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    Re: Webcam with motion detection?

    Hi dougmeister.

    'motion' would be the easiest way to do it. The easiest way to check for changes would be to use a image managing program, I like gthumb myself, and sort the stills on the directory to 'reverse date modified'.

    The next step would be zoneminder, which is kind of a big step, nevertheless it has lots of features.

    Just a thought.

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