I have just finished installing ubuntu 16.04 on a Samsung laptop (a hoyt6yk to be exact) and everything is working great after all updates are done except for the volume keys. If i press the mute, volume up, or volume down keys they act like the key is being held down. Even after I let go of the function key the thing acts like I'm holding the key combo. The one thing that stops it is to press any of those function keys without the fn key pressed. So for example if my volume is muted and I press fn+f8 the volume will go all of the way up until its is maxed and keep flashing like it is being held until I let go of the fn key and just press f8. This is true for all the three volume keys. I don't think the keyboard is broke because the function keys work normally its just the actual volume control keys that do that. :/ This is pretty much a fresh install like an hour old.

Thanks for any help.