I posted some comments, suggesting an idea about how the confrontations in the Christian Ubuntu thread could be reduced or allieviated, and mentioned that if they were better suited for the resolution center, then I would understand if they were be moved.

Instead they were deleted, so I move the topic here.

Considering the everyday occurence of negative (and sometimes insensitive) feedback, and sharp response, I honestly think it seems out of place for a technical discussion thread to continue in the Cafe. Especially when people wander to the Cafe for non-technical discussions, it's only obvious that they will voice their opinion, especially if they feel strongly about it.

I understand there was a thread in the Backyard intended for debate about the project, but was deleted/locked for whatever reason (suspect breach of coduct).
But does it really make sense to watch that thread everyday in the Cafe, and have mods delete posts, and post warnings, when simply moving it to say the "3rd party projects" section could avoid all the confrontation, and allow the debate to carry on elsewhere (if conduct is upheld of course)?

I'm not personally involved in the project, and don't feel too strongly either way about the project, but it seemed obvious to me that the current situation isn't really helping anyone. Additionally, it's frustrating when what I've put forward is simply tossed out without explanation. Even a PM telling me to butt-out would have sufficed, and I would have.

But now it's up in the air and I have to inquire about the decision to delete my posts, and what the Staff thinks of the situation.

Like I said, I don't feel very strongly about the issue, and will just walk away if the Staff think it's best to leave things the way they are. Things just don't seem to make much sense this way, and it doesn't help when constructive comments are simply disregarded.

I'm not a trouble maker. Tell me the word and I'll leave and forget about it. I would just like an explanation as to:
Why the thread remains in the Cafe
Why the posts were deleted without explanation (I suspect it was considered offtopic)

Thanks you