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Thread: install cups in lubuntu 16.04

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    Re: install cups in lubuntu 16.04

    An update here, rather than go back to an older version or struggle with something that doesn't want to work, I have opted to
    install ubuntu 16.04. Which I have done and just now downloaded and installed the drivers for my Brother printer, using the instructions
    from this site.
    Quick and easy, I am now up and running with ubuntu 16.04, complete with a working printer. Lubuntu 16.04 is gone and I am happy.

    Thank you to everyone for your input.

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    Re: install cups in lubuntu 16.04

    Quote Originally Posted by leozinho29_eu View Post
    I had this same issue with a HP printer. Cups and other dependencies were not being detected, even if installed.

    To solve this, there was the hp-doctor utility, which came with hplip-gui, that made the (re)installation of them. It installed the same version of cups and the other packages, then it started to detect it.

    I sincerely don't know why the installation I have made by myself was not detected.

    I don't know if Brother has this sort of utility, but if it has, then it could solve the issue.

    I can't grant this will work: If no other option is found: maybe, just maybe, the HP utility may solve the Brother issue. I can't grant this nor I can test now. HP has its own Unix system, so this utility may be flexible enough. This may or may not work.
    After chasing around in reaction to my old hp f350 quit, I came across this bit on YouTube which did the trick. sudo apt-get install hplip-gui All now ticketyboo!

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