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Thread: Wacom Monitor Touchscreen not working: Ubuntu Gnome 16.04

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    Wacom Monitor Touchscreen not working: Ubuntu Gnome 16.04

    Im new here, and new to Ubuntu. First of all I saw how many threads there are and already feel bad posting a new one. I did search for my particular hardware issue and found some info back from 2011 and it really didn't help.

    I recently moved from Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 to 16.04. I did a clean install.
    My Machine is Fujitsu TH-700 with upgraded CPU (i5-580M) upgraded memory and an upgraded SSD. Its an old machine (2008) but with the upgrades I think i can continue using it until 2020.

    Here's where im having a problem. Once i installed the latest version of gnome I can not get the touchscreen to work. The touchscreen is made by Wacom. I am not sure how to get it working.
    I am a novice when using the terminal, but not completely in the dark. My first computer was a commodore 64.

    My touchscreen worked well in the 14.04 Gnome.

    Anyone's advice would be great.
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