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Thread: Forums display name change request

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    Forums display name change request

    Please change my forums display name to one of the following (in preference order):


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    Re: Forums display name change request

    It seems you haven't read the forum rules located here especially #6. Your three choices are unacceptable. Please try again, after you have read the rules.

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    Re: Forums display name change request

    Excuse me, but I guess I am stupid.

    Can you please explain to me how "Carpe_Pecuniam" violates rule #6, exactly?

    P.S. If I had requested a screen name of "Count De Monet" (a character from the classic Mel Brooks movie "History of the World, part II") would
    that also be disallowed on the grounds that it might offend some would would have preferred a different outcome for the French Revolution (late 1700s)?

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    Re: Forums display name change request

    Nevermind. Upon further consideration, I have decided to withdraw my request for a display name change entirely.

    If I had known beforehand that such a seemingly simple request, for such a seemingly simple change, would have resulted in me being subjected to quite this level of pointless hostility, denigration, and disrespect, then I would not have even bothered to make the request in the first place.

    I will continue with my current forum display name as is.

    P.S. When I requested "The_One_Percent" that was also (in addition to Carpe_Pecuniam) not intended as a political statement. As it happens, some many years ago when I took the GRE, I scored above the 99th percentile on the verbal section (and also did quite well on the other section too). Although it may seem braggadocious to some, I like to be reminded of that.

    I here provide a link, since you may perhaps not know what I am talking about (which you probably wouldn't if you are not in the United States):


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