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Thread: Teamviewer 11 remote session windows won't minimize

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    Teamviewer 11 remote session windows won't minimize

    This is on Ubuntu Mate 16.04, running Teamviewer 11 for Linux. (I believe this is basically the Windows Teamviewer program packaged with its own customized version of wine to run.) Video is Intel.

    I'm finding that Teamviewer remote session windows cannot be minimized. When this is attempted, the remote session briefly appears to minimize then immediately bounces back to its former position on the screen. Teamviewer is the only application doing this and it occurs only on remote session windows. The main program windows minimize normally. (I also run Teamviewer on laptops with Xubuntu 14.04 - they do not exhibit this behavior.)

    It's a real annoyance when working with multiple applications. Anyone else seen this behavior or have an idea how to fix it?

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    Re: Teamviewer 11 remote session windows won't minimize

    Did you see that Teamviewer was hacked this week? People´s bank accounts have been cleared according to reports.

    Be careful. There are other alternatives.

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