I had my vpn set up and running perfectly using mad scientist's msjnc script until one day when I had to change my wifi router. I maybe wrong, but thats when the problem started. At one point I had two routers, new and old connected on my network and somehow the DNS got messed up. At that point I was on VPN. I added a new router along with the old router and a few hours into it, I could not browse anymore. I started debugging and slowly i found that the VPN UI would simply say connected but there was no exchange of data. I killed the VPN session to find out that I still had no connection to the n/w. I could ping an IP address but could not ping the server name as google.com. Thats when I realized the /etc/resolv.conf somehow got messed up. Reading through forums I deleted /etc/resolv.conf and I was now able to connect back to the n/w and browse but the VPN is still broken. The ncsvc.logs dont show anything happening either, absolutely no prints except for a whole bunch of kill pid. Not sure when the kill happens because there is no time stamp next to it, but I am thinking it probably happens when I shut down the machine. And since then, when I open the msjnc script the GUI says its connected since then with 0 bytes of data going thru. And obviously ifconfig shows local ip address.
Any thoughts on what might be happening?