Forum user Kilz has posted a binary of Swiftfox that he is hosting on his web server. It is posted on Ubuntu forums at and Swiftfox is not freely distributable as a binary. Per the MPL as stated at and specifically the part that says "You may distribute any binaries you create under a license of your choosing, as long as it doesn't interfere with the recipients' right to the source under the MPL [3.6]." I am not under any obligation to allow Kilz to distribute Swiftfox. My only obligation under the MPL that governs Firefox source code is to provide him a source package which is freely distributable. I will be providing a link to Kilz for the Swiftfox source package within 12 hours and have requested that he remove the binary from his web server. Any assistance the Ubuntu forum staff can provide in assuring this request is followed through on would be greatly appreciated.