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Thread: Ubuntu where it counts

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    Ubuntu where it counts

    One Ubuntu, two Ubuntu, three Ubuntu, four!
    Visit the unofficial Ubuntu Counter project and you can register details of how many machines you have running Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu and just about any other kind of Buntu. In return, you get your own Ubuntu Counter user-number to proudly display on your home page.
    At the time of writing, 5360 people with 7350 Ubuntu machines have signed up, including our own Mr Shuttleworth.
    Interesting stats include:
    • 6 machines registered running Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog, the first release).
    • Average of 1.371 machines per registered user.
    • 90.68% of registered users running latest stable version.
    The project initially began as a novelty for proud Ubuntu users, but the statistics gathered are nonetheless facinating.


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    Re: Ubuntu where it counts

    Nice to know some stats but... Couldn't this be somehow linked to the forums? You'll get much more accurate data that way. Now here I have to register somewhere yet again. I'll probably forget about this in a month or two, and quite likely forget to update my data when I upgrade to Edgy. At least if the information was linked to my forum profile, I would remember to update it once in a while.


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