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Thread: Radeon R9 390X fans not spinning

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    Radeon R9 390X fans not spinning

    OS: xubuntu 15.10
    Motherboard: Asrock Fatal1ty H170
    Graphics card: Gigabyte Radeon R9 390X
    RAM: 32 Gig Kingston
    PSU: Corsair HX850

    Upgraded my motherboard so I performed a fresh install of xubuntu 15.10. However my graphics card fans were not spinning AFTER I passed the hard drive encryption entry screen at boot, at bios fans run as expected.

    As the card was starting to get quite hot to the touch I installed the proprietary fglrx drivers from the additional drivers dialogue, this hasn't helped.

    I am currently using the command
    aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 100"
    in order to keep the card cool whilst searching of solutions

    *Edit: I should note with my previous install of xubuntu and Asus motherboard I did not have this issue
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