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Thread: Adding files to a mounted system.img raw img Ubuntu

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    Adding files to a mounted system.img raw img Ubuntu

    Hi All,

    Have successfully used all the tools and guide here ( to mount an RAW EXT4 .img from Android.

    However, while I have managed to get read/write access to the mounted raw partition (i.e. I can delete files) everytime I try to add a file (no matter how small) it claims there is no space available.

    Thinking this is a permission issue - any ideas? As far as I know I have full permissions.

    Process I've used to get permissions is to mount using instructions in the terminal

    simg2img system.img system.raw.img
    mkdir system_mnt
    mount -t ext4 -o loop system.raw.img system_mnt

    (above as per the thread instructions).
    then had to use sudo su to get chown on the mount point to add my user and group to the /system_mnt/ and also any specific folders underneath.

    Help appreciated (nb - have tried to search for answers without success)
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    Re: Adding files to a mounted system.img raw img Ubuntu

    I believe the mounted image has a fixed size identical to the size of the image on the disk. You can try copying all the files to another location on your system, manipulating that, then building a new image. The easiest method to copy the entire disk is to use rsync:
    cd ~
    mkdir linux_image
    rsync -av /path/to/system_image/ linux_image/
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