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Thread: Xorg crashed with SIGABRT

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    Xorg crashed with SIGABRT

    Yet another 'Xorg crashed with SIGABRT' thread, since I couldn't find my problem by Googleing. (Don't really know what I'm looking for :/ )

    I've been getting a lot of Xorg crashes recently. (Example crash report)

    The screen goes blank (music/sounds keeps playing), then a bit of service startup text appears (music/sounds stop), then the login screen appears and all applications are closed.

    I have tried reinstalling Xorg and my graphics drivers (the latest version of Ubuntu drivers).

    Thanks in advance
    Also, let me know if you need any more details that aren't in the crash report.

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    Re: Xorg crashed with SIGABRT

    I am having the same problem ([IMG]Screenshot from 2016-02-24 17:48:53.png[/IMG]]) I am using ubuntu 14.04 on Dell xps 9493, for about two weeks. The crashes did not start on initial install, but maybe after I did an update. I am also seeing a recurring sleep/resume error, and one that does not give an error message. It started this morning/middle of the night. My screen goes blank, but the computer is still on. My system crashes at least 5 times per day. Havent been able to find a solution so I am going to try reinstalling ubuntu.
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