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Thread: verifying, installing, and removing programmes

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    Re: verifying, installing, and removing programmes


    Quote Originally Posted by anon_private View Post
    There are two scenarios. Programmes that are in the kubuntu repository, and others that are not.
    Yes. ((1) Those programs in a repository or PPA and (2) those programs that are not).

    Kubuntu shares the same repositories as Ubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu and of some the Ubuntu derivatives.

    If I choose the install, remove, or purge a programme that is available from the repository, then the commands would be, for example, sudo apt-get remove package.

    If I installed the package from my hard drive, I would use, for example, sudo dpkg - r package.
    This is also the case, yes.

    If the package was not it the repositories and you downloaded a deb from the web and installed it using dpkg, you would need to remove it using dpkg.

    One of the benefits of using apt over manually installing packages using dpkg is that you will get updates to the packages installed automatically when you run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade or when update-manager runs as the packages in the repositories are updated regularly.

    This is, in part, the reason why using apt is by far the preferred method of installing packages on your system and is what you'll want to be doing for almost every package you install.

    BTW: The difference between remove and purge is that remove will usually keep the packages configuration files installed whereas purge will usually remove everything.

    Also, as Dennis N pointed out, there are graphical programs that can be used to manage packages such as gdebi and software-center. The reason i tend to post terminal commands is because i may not be familar with the desktop environment that someone else is using.

    If you feel this has answered your questions then please mark this thread as SOLVED using the thread tools menu above post #1.

    It'll help other looking for similar information and is a simple way you can give back to the community.

    Kind regards
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    Re: verifying, installing, and removing programmes

    Thank you for responding.

    In the main, I download software from the repository. Using kubuntu, I access the repository via muon. I don't have access to the ubuntu repository, or any of the other flavours of ubuntu - as far as I know..

    If I notice a programme that is not in the repo, then I will download and install it - no other choice.

    I will mark the thread as SOLVED, and hope that others will gain information from all the detailed responses.

    Best wishes.
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