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Thread: File roller "extract" does not uncompress within own folder

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    File roller "extract" does not uncompress within own folder

    Not sure if this is a bug or expected behaviour. For some archive formats (.zip e.g and maybe others) if use file rollers to "extract here", then it extracts to a sub-directory with the archive's name. But if open with FR and choose extract to another directory which is not where the archive is, it just dumps the contents all over the places instead of in its own sub-directory.This only happens for some archive formats.

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    Re: File roller "extract" does not uncompress within own folder

    Is it possible you've misattributed the different behavior to different archive TYPES (rar, zip, etc) when it is actually different individual archive FILES (the particular file you are extracting) that is the cause?

    Because it is common for people to put files they intend to archive in a directory and then archive THE DIRECTORY, in which case the default name of the archive would be the name of the directory and when you extract it you'd get a directory of that name, but you CAN archive a bunch of files as a bunch of files, not a directory with a bunch of files IN IT. In which case extracting it puts those files loose in whatever directory you extracted it to and causes you (or me at least) to make loud, impolite remarks about the ancestry and habits of the person who archived them that way.

    That may not be the issue, but it is good to be sure the simple answers are excluded before attempting the complex ones.


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