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Thread: Need some help restoring some old data.

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    Need some help restoring some old data.

    Hey folks thanks for reading my question.

    Ok now its a bit odd, I had an iMac about 3 days ago, the machine was 2.4 years old and it just decided to blow up... I had a normal Mac os installed and in parallel windows 10 because its better for some games. My problem is, that inside the Bootcamp partition are all my important studies stuff, I would love to restore this data but im just not managing to mount the right partition. On my linux laptop its showing the Mac partition and off course saying it cant mount it, but the bootcamp partition is no were to be found, I could although mount the Os partition on my second windows Laptop but I couldnt find the Bootcamp system or missing files because its on a totally different partition....

    If you guys could give me a tip or boost on what to google or what I could do here that would be awesome. I didnt had much luck so far and I really need those datas for studying thank you all.

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