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Thread: BASIC interpreters for Linux?

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    BASIC interpreters for Linux?

    I have a bunch of old BASIC scripts from high school and college programming courses, and I thought it would be fun to revisit them and play around with them a bit.

    Thing is, they're different types of BASIC. The ones from high school were from a version of BASIC (I'm not entirely sure the name) that was for Mac OS 8 or 9 in the late-90s. It was unstructured, so you'd have lines like this (could have mistakes, as I haven't used BASIC in a long time):
    5 start
    10 go to 20
    20 print "Yay"
    25 end

    Meanwhile, in the college course, we used QBASIC, which is structured, but not object-oriented.

    It would be great if I could find a program that could run both types of BASIC. If not, then two different programs would work. I know FreeBASIC is supposed to be able to run QBASIC scripts, but the examples on its wiki seem more geared toward object-oriented scripting. So yeah, anyone know any programs that would work?

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    Re: BASIC interpreters for Linux?

    Here's one way to look in the Ubuntu repositories for available BASIC interpreters:

    $ apt-cache search basic | grep BASIC
    basic256 - educational BASIC programming environment for children
    brandy - BBC BASIC V interpreter
    bwbasic - Bywater BASIC Interpreter
    sdlbasic - BASIC interpreter for game development


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