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Thread: Strange issues using wine through PlayOnLinux

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    Strange issues using wine through PlayOnLinux

    So, I recently switched to Ubuntu 14.0.4 on my gaming computer I built a while back. All my games played wonderfully in Windows, but now I'm having issues playing even the simplest of games. I run Windows Steam through PlayOnLinux, and even simple games like The Binding of Isaac are choppy and slow. In addition to this, other games give me no audio (Skyrim) and other games (Dragon Age Origins) the cutscenes won't play. How do I even begin dealing with this? I'm a total newbie to gaming on Linux and can't seem to find answers.

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    Re: Strange issues using wine through PlayOnLinux

    Here is a link to wineHQ which has ratings for different windows games. Since it is a virtual system some games run really bad and others won't run at all.

    As for Steam, I installed the Linux version and it runs great along with the games I have installed with it but they are games with Linux support and not strictly Windows games.

    I run Fallout 3 on my computer through Wine and it runs great but it's one of the games that work well on Wine.

    If you're really into Windows games and can't live without them you should consider either dual booting, running a Windows VM, or you could just have a dedicated computer running Windows for Window's games which is what I would do if I was really worried about being able to play Windows games. With two computers with dedicated monitors and a kvm switch for mouse and keyboard switching between running computers is easy and you can only type on one at a time anyway.

    Hardware is also a deciding factor of game performance when using a virtual system and your gaming computer might benefit from some updated hardware if it was built 'awhile back'.
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