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Thread: Can't Open PreSonus Studio One after Installation

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    Can't Open PreSonus Studio One after Installation

    Firstly, I am new to the Ubuntu operating system so any feedback is much appreciated especially if it has much context and less lingo. I installed the PreSonus Studio One 3 32bit version and cannot open it up because the "application requires Windows 7 SP1 with Platform Update or later." I have read a couple other forums on this issue, however, nothing was exactly resolved and none of the things suggested worked for me. I have configured Wine to act as Windows 7, installed gdiplus and mscorefonts (I also did this before installation. Play on Linux gave me an option to install from libraries and in the midst of trying different things I figured I would give it a try). I also installed and updated windbind as suggested by another forum. I'm running out of things to try and I would really like to use this program since it is a good free digital audio workstation and has the ability to work with a MIDI device. Please help me!
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    Re: Can't Open PreSonus Studio One after Installation

    Have a look here, there may be some help.

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