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Thread: Intel Graphics Card Issue

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    Intel Graphics Card Issue

    Just loaded Ubuntu 15.04 onto a laptop with intel 852GM/855GM graphics card. For some reason, the proper driver is not being loaded (in my best judgement). The problem is precisely similar to the issue in this thread:

    except of course for the distro version. I attempted the fix suggested, but ran into an error when I tried to add to the repositories. Question is, is this still appropriate? If so, can somebody please tweak the commands to make it work for me?

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    Re: Intel Graphics Card Issue

    Question is, is this still appropriate?
    Most likely not.
    Card is old, perhaps too old to run Ubuntu -proper.

    What driver is actually loaded.
    Post the output of
    sudo lshw -c display
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    Re: Intel Graphics Card Issue

    You will probably need to use a different DE, for example Xubuntu which uses XFCE or Lubuntu (LXDE), both of which are a lot lighter than unity in Ubuntu, which requires a good 3D graphic card to work at properly.
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    Re: Intel Graphics Card Issue

    Thank you for your help - Lubuntu is working now!

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