I am trying to install openSUSE 13.2 KDE on a computer that already has Windows 7 and Elementary OS Freya on it. When I go to perform install, the default option it give me tries to steal the Elementary OS partition to use it as the /home. I reject this because I want to keep all three operating systems. Once I select the disk space I want openSUSE to use (12.16 GB unallocated and 13.53 GB unallocated), I get a message telling me that there is not enough space for the separate /home. How do I fix it so that it uses the unallocated spaces for installation? I have GParted in Elementary and EaseUS in Windows for partition editors but today is my first day using either of them. If you could please give simple, step-by-step instructions for this aspiring openSUSE noob, I would greatly appreciate it!