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Thread: What is a good video editor?

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    What is a good video editor?

    Ubuntu 12.04 lts

    What is a good video editor that is in software center, or if you give me the command to enter into terminal that is fine too.

    For years, I used Quicktime Pro on a Macintosh. Looking for something similar - doesn't have to be robust as Quicktime.

    For example, I just videoed the moon rising in the daytime, and toward the end where I lose the moon, I'd like to like edit out that ending. I'd also like to edit out the sound of my mother running a carpet shampooer, and perhaps add different music to it instead.


    Perhaps one of these editors for Ubuntu is best?

    I am really looking for something with a G.U.I. that is simple to use. My needs are basically: delete sections of a video that are not desired, perhaps remove the audio and replace it with other audio, perhaps have 2 videos open in it at once and copy a section/part from one video and insert it into a specific place in the other video.

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    Re: What is a good video editor?

    I went through this some time ago and landed up playing/looking at most of them - I finally settled on kdenlive which I found easy to use and met all my needs. Going to be difficult re recommendation as using apps is personal to a degree - install them and see what suits you best.

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    Re: What is a good video editor?

    I tried Openshot and Kdnlive, and Kdnlive seems much more stable and more professional than Openshot. In my opition, this is the most close to Vegas, Premiere and Final Cut video editing app you'll find on Linux.

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    Re: What is a good video editor?

    For simple tasks I would suggest Openshot (it is available through Software Center)
    For more advanced tasks Kdenlive in a very good video editor.

    Also, some users prefer Blender (the 3D animation maker) and using it as a video editor. Plenty of tutorials are exist.

    Last, I have installed and tested LightWorks and it's also quite good, for simple tasks (in Free edition).


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