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Thread: Looking for participants for a study on Xubuntu (EU-based, paid up to £100/€135)

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    Looking for participants for a study on Xubuntu (EU-based, paid up to £100/€135)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm taking the liberty to write here as I'm currently recruiting for a scientific study and would like to ensure that women are well represented among my participants. Some of you may know me as 'sidi', I'm a former Xubuntu developer currently doing PhD research at University College London, in the UK. I'm conducting a field study on how Linux users multitask, and I'm currently looking for about 15 Xubuntu users. I'd like to invite you to participate to my study.

    The study involves installing a PPA that ships modified versions of the GLib, GTK, Thunar and Xfwm, a library that logs system calls, along with a few tools for you to visualise the collected data, suspend data collection and upload your data to UCL. I'm looking to collect data for three weeks, and to interview you at the for one hour after the data collection. You can earn up to £50 (~€67). You will also be proposed to enroll in a second part where you can earn an extra £50 (~€67) in exchange for installing a new piece of software that helps you run your applications with different options.

    If you're interested, you can learn more at and sign up at This study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee (Project ID Number: 6079/001). Feel free to email me any questions you have at sidnioulz -at- gmail -dot- com!

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