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Thread: Problem installing EZDrummer 2! help pwease

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    Problem installing EZDrummer 2! help pwease

    Hello everyone!
    I've just switched entirely from Windows to Ubuntu Studio (14.04 64-bit) to check it out and (hopefully) make some music with it. I'm still a complete noob, I don't understand a single thing about code (even less about JACK) and now I have a problem. I'm trying to install EZDrummer 2 with Wine to hopefully use it with(in) Ardour 3, but the install process is cancelled when it starts copying new files. The progress bar is full and *whoop* "The wizard was interrupted before EZDrummer 2 64-bit could be completely installed." Crap. What can I do?
    I should note that the file copying process doesn't even start and the installation is interrupted.

    Any help will be appreciated. Probably somebody else has already posted the same problem, so if anyone has any info, please feel free to share it.
    By no means I intend to be spoonfed until everything is setup properly, but I'm now stuck here. Thanks!

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    Re: Problem installing EZDrummer 2! help pwease

    You could try Analogue Drums libraries directly in Hydrogen.

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    Re: Problem installing EZDrummer 2! help pwease

    Thread moved to Wine.

    WineHQ rates it as Bronze
    , installs and works okay, so let's persevere and see if someone here can help.

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