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Thread: Wine games start lagging in some time.

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    Wine games start lagging in some time.

    Hello, dear members.
    I have a real problem, first time I got it when I try to setup and use an Ubuntu 15.04. I have installed playonlinux, and my favorite game HoMM V.
    The all work just very fine. But after a playing in few minutes, sometimes seconds, the game starts lagging as a FPS goes down to 1-2. Simply when the hero was explore a some new part of map.

    So, that was a problem, and I goes backwards to my installed Ubuntu 14.04, I have used different home directories. All seems fine, but last few months I dont play, and now, I got the same problem but already in Ubuntu 14.04. seems I get something with a latest updates. I am not an "expert" user in the same things, and I have not ideas in which point I need to look to solve my problem? The wine logs is the same as before they start lagging.

    Sorry for bad english, hope you understand what I mean. If I need to post some debug info - please, provide which logs I need to post. I already have no any ideas about this.

    Thanx a lot for your attention. Have a nice day!

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    Re: Wine games start lagging in some time.

    Sorry, I forgot to add one thing. The same issue was found once while playing a native "Portal 2". Seems like FPS drops to lowest values (1-2). So it may be not an application specific wine problem.

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