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Thread: Dell n4030 freezes when connected to WiFi

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    Dell n4030 freezes when connected to WiFi

    Hello. I wanted to look for some help for a problem I seem to be having with a Dell n4030 Laptop. I recently upgraded the HDD to a 128GB SSD drive, since the old one was busted (reason why the laptop had been stored for about a year). First time installing Ubuntu on this laptop, I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and got random freezes, so I decided to downgrade and see how it went (couldn't upgrade; I need the LTS stability). I downgraded to 12.04 and everything seemed better, until I did intesive use of the network card, which caused to freeze yet again. This seems like a rather odd program, and having tried drivers and kernel changes, I decided to come here to ask for help. The 128 GB SSD drive was brand new and has been tested to see if it was misbehaving (in another PC; the results are all OK), so I've discarded that option.

    It would be really great if anyone could give me a hand with this. Thanks!

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    Re: Dell n4030 freezes when connected to WiFi

    Before deciding whether or not LTS is a good choice for you it's important to know all options.

    In stead of going backwards I suggest that you try Buntu 15.10. Although it's in beta it is close to release. How does this one behave?
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    Re: Dell n4030 freezes when connected to WiFi

    Well, since I can't be dealing with bugs all the time (work machine, not play machine ), I would rather not. However, I will try and see if by installing that one the problem is resolved. I will post again with the results Thanks!

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