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Thread: SuSE vs. Ubuntu

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    Re: SuSE vs. Ubuntu

    Yast is a bad package management tool. It is bloated in bugs! And that's what openSUSE is famous for!!!?

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    Re: SuSE vs. Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by gjoellee View Post
    Yast is a bad package management tool. It is bloated in bugs! And that's what openSUSE is famous for!!!?
    YAST is more than a package manager and doesn't seem to have bugs on this machine.

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    Re: SuSE vs. Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by gjoellee View Post
    Yast is a bad package management tool. It is bloated in bugs!
    Now post a link to one of these bugs... or *at very least* give a detailed description of it, and your argument will be 100 times more credible.

    ...or we can have a discussion where your single argument will be "yes, it's buggy" and my single argument will be "no, it isn't". Then the one that first gets tired of repeating the same phrase losses. I'm really good at it...

    Seriously, in general. You can argue about which one has the most pretty desktop wallpaper using only "my opinion is...", but when you talk about bugs or resources usage "my opinion" is meaningless... we need *facts* and *numbers*.

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    Re: SuSE vs. Ubuntu

    I tried Ubuntu, Kubuntu, OpenSUSE GNOME & OpenSUSE KDE and I've chosen for OpenSUSE GNOME, I prefer OpenSUSE KDE but the current KDE 4.1 is in my opinion way too unstable for daily use.

    Kubuntu is way too much neglected by Canonical and therefor stands no chance against the other three. It's way more unstable than OpenSUSE KDE, has less features and almost nothing seems to work in it... Especially Wireless internet.. I'm not even bothering checking out the newer releases of Kubuntu.

    Ubuntu is a nice and simple OS and that's the main reason why it's so popular but in my opinion it's way too simple and there it has too few configuration options.. Most configurations still need to be done via the terminal if you want it to work correctly. And applications in Ubuntu work when they want to, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. God knows for what reason.. That's typical Linux behavior but Ubuntu has way too much of it. What I do like about Ubuntu was the GUI for proprietary driver, I have no idea how this works in OpenSUSE because I hadn't had to install any yet.

    OpenSUSE KDE is a very nice OS but unfortunately KDE 4.1 is still too unstable for me to use it for daily use. I'm still waiting for the day I'll be able to use it. It looks nice, has great features and it's fun to work in. KDE has always been my first choice but the common crashes are way too annoying.

    OpenSUSE GNOME is my favorite for now, more and more worked out-of-the-box compared to Ubuntu (see below for more info). Like Ubuntu it has a very nice look and is fun to work in. There are a lot of software packages available for OpenSUSE, perhaps not as many as for Ubuntu but still plenty. Dependencies are automatically installed every time, the 1-click install is a very nice feature.

    Ubuntu problems I had right after a fresh installation:

    - Wireless didn't work out-of-the-box and the usual ndiswrapper had to be used to get it partially working, yes partially because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.. It worked out-of-the-box for a PHILIPS USB adapter for one of my sisters but recently it stopped working completely with our own PHILIPS router, though I think this may be caused by the router

    - Screen resolution: man this was a pain to get it working as it should, after searching the web and Ubuntu forums I found a way to configure it (the terminal way) but it still didn't work 100%

    - Keyboard numlock: this never worked for me in Ubuntu (last one I tried was 8.04), the numlock light was always on but the numeric keys weren't working so I had to press the numlock button twice every time I started the computer and logged in Ubuntu

    - The UI oftenly stopped working for newly started applications so a system reboot was necessary every time it happened

    - My two sisters seemed to have a lot of problems with DVD playback while it worked nicely for me in the past if I remember correctly

    - Network manager was one hell of a buggy application on one of my sisters computer so I had to install Wicd instead

    OpenSUSE problems I had right after a fresh installation:

    - Wireless seemed to work much better than in Ubuntu, mostly it worked out-of-the-box but I still have the issue where the Wireless connection just won't work periodically after starting the computer but as mentioned in the Ubuntu part this may be caused by my router

    - Sound playback & configuration wasn't working very well at the beginning using PulseAudio. It was still buggy as hell when it was included in the 11.0 beta release

    - Music playback doesn't always work with OpenSUSE GNOME 11.0, I guess this is still because of the buggy Pulse Audio, media players used were Banshee & Songbird. And Banshee sometimes doesn't quit completely and prevents me from being able to start it again.

    Summary of Ubuntu & OpenSUSE GNOME:

    - Sound: Ubuntu: 100%, OpenSUSE: 75%
    - Wireless: Ubuntu: 55%, OpenSUSE: 75%
    - Screen resolution: Ubuntu: 85%, OpenSUSE: 95%
    - Numlock on PC start: Ubuntu: 0%, OpenSUSE: 100%
    - Video playback: Ubuntu: 65%, OpenSUSE: 90%
    - Performance: Ubuntu: 95%, OpenSUSE: 90%
    - Software installation/removal: Ubuntu: 99%, OpenSUSE: 99%
    - OS configuration: Ubuntu: 60%, OpenSUSE: 95%
    - Look & Feel: Ubuntu: 100%, OpenSUSE: 100%

    I started out with Fedora, tried Ubuntu after a while and switched to Ubuntu completely because I found Ubuntu to be more user-friendly. Then I tried OpenSUSE and it became my main and favorite Linux OS.
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    Re: SuSE vs. Ubuntu

    Hi all, my second time saying something on the forums here. I've used SuSE and openSUSE for a few years now, I do agree about the package manager speed thing however never found it to be buggy, and with 11.0 it seems to have had a new breath of life, YaST is great though, like a complete control panel. Tried Ubuntu on my machine a few months back, prefer KDE so installed that and it kept falling apart after updates, back with KDE on 11.0 and I haven't had a single glitch except a few shutdown errors with Kontact. I'm no power user but can manage my way around, and thanks to Ubuntu a bit more confident in the terminal as well.

    We tried installing openSUSE on a mates pc, couldn't even get to the Xserver, live cd or not. Ubuntu loaded without a hitch but he's having KDE troubles as well, he doesn't like Gnome being an unwilling XP convert thanks to major pc hiccoughs.

    All in all I like both but prefer the SUSE look, feel and now performance seems great compared to 10.3 (well on my pc).

    Just thought I'd add a bit to this.

    And hey the Ubuntu forums rock...
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    Re: SuSE vs. Ubuntu

    I haven't used linux at all, but I will be buying a new netbook with linux SuSe installed on it, and I don't know if this is the right place to ask about this, but I am going to ask because I don't have a lot of time. Is that a good linux software to learn linux? I have friends that use linux and know that there are some amazing things that you can do with a linux based machine, and really want to learn a new system. The more information I can gather the better I think I will be about learning a new system. Thanks for the information and everyone's time.

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    Re: SuSE vs. Ubuntu

    Got Suse 11.0 dual booting on two computers with Intrepid Ibex..Ubuntu has had more problems but also had more solutions.I can say for sure that Suse is no Vista (or even XP)(thanks for that)and the more Linux out there,the better.Older versions of Suse came with too much useless stuff for me but the latest version seems trimmed down. Fauna ,keep it open.

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