I've been using Ubuntu for about a year now, I love it, I can easily edit my system to look and run however I like, install all my favorite apps, and configure a server and the rest of a network, however I also tried SuSE linux 10.1 for fun, It install most of what I wanted out of the box (java, flash, audio codecs, etc.) however I still don't know alot of the commands but this can easily be solved, I downloaded alot of the programs I wanted including the one that gave me huge problems on Ubuntu when I first started, Limewire, I know frostwire comes in a DEB pkg, but Limewire just seems to run better, I simply downloaded the RPM and installed, not at all dificult. But I can't really decide which I like more they're both great distros and I'd like to hear some oppinions of those in this community, reasons for why which might be "better" in what situation I think Ubuntu is probably the BEST looking Distro and most sensibly put together, however SuSE may be the most userfriendly (without being totally windblows like) YAST is a great tool.

any input is greatly appreciated

thanks in advance