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Thread: Ubuntu and STEM

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    Ubuntu and STEM

    Hello all,
    First of all I'm really happy to see a forum dedicated to Ubuntu women I was wondering if anyone else here is involved in STEM and/or scientific computing. I'm a marine biologist and I'm just getting started using Ubuntu (specifically Python and R) for modelling and population ecology. Anyone else? Cheers!

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    Re: Ubuntu and STEM

    Hello! I am involved in STEM, and I think there are a few others, as well. I'm a software developer and data lover who is working to bring more diversity to STEM fields.
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    Re: Ubuntu and STEM

    Depending on the methods you're using, you might also take a look at gretl, an incredibly full-featured econometrics package for estimating variations on the General Linear Model. There's also PSPP, an open clone of SPSS. Both are in the repositories.
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