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Thread: "Community Lead" interview?

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    "Community Lead" interview?

    I'm not sure the best avenue to take here, but I've tried twitter, email, and facebook without response, so here I am.

    I co-host the Music Manumit Podcast. We'd like to get someone from Ubuntu Studio on our show for an interview. We've had on AV Linux and Ardour in the past. I've also been unsuccessful in getting someone from audacity on the show. Both my co-host and I use Ubuntu, so we have some knowledge of the software, both many of the musicians we interview are Windows and Mac users. We'd like to broaden awareness.

    The date I'd like to shoot for is November 27. That is Black Friday in the US, which is one reason why I am scheduling so early. We may have trouble finding an interviewee that weekend. Additionally, until I know my fall schedule, we are not scheduling Saturday shows. We are only scheduling our Friday 9PM US ET recording slot. This more-or-less shuts out Europe/Africa, so if the only people willing to do the interview are on those continents, we will have to schedule in the winter (some winter slots are already taken, but most of January 2016 and beyond are free). We do also have some tentative dates, so if it makes sense to go closer to the October release, we can try to do that. I don't know how soon Ubuntu Studio comes out after Ubuntu, or if they release at the same time.

    Additional details are available at

    Also, if any musicians happen upon this post, you can find details at


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    Re: "Community Lead" interview?

    The Ubuntu family of Linux distributions try to release at the same time and they usually succeed. Have you tried IRC?

    There is a Ubuntu Studio developer IRC channel. And their is a Ubuntu Studio developer mail list.

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