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Thread: Can't get GLM to work on OSX 10.8.1 (macbook pro 2006)

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    Can't get GLM to work on OSX 10.8.1 (macbook pro 2006)

    Tried to get help >here< first.

    So basically I got OpenGL, GLEW and GLFW3 to work on my macbook pro I got for free. Where the problems began is when I tried to add the GLM header library (inside the include folder).

    This was the errors in 'func_trigonometric.inl' from the GLM library.
    /usr/local/includ... 165    current parser token 'if'
    /usr/local/includ... 37     parsing namespace 'glm'
    /usr/local/includ... 160    parsing function body 'tanh'
    /usr/local/includ... 160    in compound statement ('{}')
                                note: diagnostic msg: Error generating preprocessed source(s).
    I'm using Code::Blocks 12.13 and this is the only problem I've encountered so far, my code works on windows and linux with no problems too.

    Help much appreciated.
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