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Thread: Microphone Settings in Rosetta Stone

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    Microphone Settings in Rosetta Stone


    I want to run Rosetta Stone from the website

    This is a commercial website for learning foreign languages and requiring some listening & pronunciation exercises.

    When I try to adjust microphone settings, the related webpage shows me the following error message:

    "Your computer's configuration does not allow you to access microphone settings."

    Do you have a solution for that?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Lightbulb Re: Microphone Settings in Rosetta Stone

    Hi there!

    The problem is that Rosetta Stone Advantage ( has a very weird (or sloppy) programming to detect microphones.

    The way you can make it work is by:
    1. Log into your account
    2. You should have popup that gets you to the Flash settings (it opens in another tab).
    3. Make sure to allow and refresh Flash settings page.
    4. Then, head to
    5. Check if your microphone is working. If not, simply right-click -> Settings to select your microphone in the mic tab.
    6. Once you have everything working, you can click OK on the Flash popup in the tab that you had left open.

    Voila! Even though the website will still tell you that no mic can be found in the settings, it will still work in the speaking exercises.
    (I can probably add pictures later if you need them)

    Lastly, I recommend e-mailing Rosetta Stone with your concerns about the lack of support for Linux users.
    That's the only way they'll get moving and think of us too.


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    Re: Microphone Settings in Rosetta Stone

    Thread moved to General Help.

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