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Thread: Desktop not starting after upgrade to 15.04

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    Desktop not starting after upgrade to 15.04

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    Not sure the title is a correct description!
    I have a PC with xUbuntu, was running 14.10 perfectly well until, I upgraded to 15.04 yesterday when it prompted me that there was a new version available. It ran the upgrade, but after rebooting the load stops (after Grub) at a point where it says new USB hardware found. It goes no further.
    I try a reboot - using the power button - and the same. Will not go beyond the new USB device found.... I have removed the only USB device - Bluetooth for keyboard, but makes no difference.
    Not sure the USB line is no more than a red herring.

    No more info at this point. If anyone can advise on how to get more info, happy to oblige.

    Tried a few more times. Getting slightly different results. Seems to stick at a new point. Screen shot/photo attached.
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