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Thread: Boot problems after upgrading to 15.04

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    Unhappy Boot problems after upgrading to 15.04

    I am a complete novice user with linux, so excuse my ignorance.

    After upgrading to 15.04, during the booting process i received the following:
    [ 0.7439301 ACPI PCC Probe failed
    Starting version 219

    [13.4741251 k10temp 000:00:18.3: unreliable CPU thermal sensor; monitoring disabled
    Welcome to emergency mode!
    After logging in, type “journalctl -xb” to view system logs, “systemctl rebout” to rebout, “systemctl default” or ^D to rout@...”

    Logging in “journalctl -xb” systems logs errors:

    > ACPI PCC probe failed.
    > 13.4741251 k10temp 000:00:18.3: unreliable CPU thermal sensor; monitoring disabled.
    > fsck failed with error code 4.
    > failed to start file system check on boot device.
    > name server cannot be used: Temporary failure in name resolution

    PS: Dual boot with windows 7
    AMD Phenom Quad-Core
    What should i do?
    I need help
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Boot problems after upgrading to 15.04

    Hi, can you boot using a livecd, and follow the instructions at to produce a report.

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    Re: Boot problems after upgrading to 15.04

    I also have this type of issue:
    Dual-boot with Vista
    64-bit Ubuntu

    It started with me upgrading 14.10 I think to 15.04. Eventually something borked and when the system restarted, this "emergency-mode" came up.

    Then I wiped those partitions and replaced it with a fresh install of 15.04.
    I had been installing programs and eventually the system COMPLETELY froze: No window or mouse activity. Even the keyboard lock LED indicators wouldn't turn off/on, so no magic sysreq could happen.
    I think even the reset button didn't do anything at first, but holding it a little longer (reset, not power button), the computer shut off.
    Once booted back up, it too went into "emergency-mode".

    Cause: fstab
    Commenting out the 2 entries I added to the fstab "fixed" that "emergency-mode" issue I just had. Now I just have to figure out what I did wrong.
    #UUID=425241035240FCE3 /media/wd40 fuseblk defaults 0 2 #UUID=BCBE82DABE828C98 /media/vista fuseblk defaults 0 3
    I created those mount point subdirectories myself just in case, but also deleted them while in emergency-mode, but to no avail.
    I chose "fuseblk" over "ntfs" because that is the "type" "mount" says they currently are.
    I think the "pass" values could have remained "0" from what I read, but didn't think it would hurt to set the order.
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    Unhappy Libreoffice Problems

    Thank you all,

    I re-installed Ubuntu 15.04 with a LiveDVD and boot error “seems” to be solved, but now I have new error with LibreOffice Writer.

    Strange trouble in LiberOffice Writer with Ubuntu 15.04:

    When I select a bloc text in Writer using mouse or shift+arrow keys the entire OS freezes completely, and I have to shut down computer with power button or keys Atl+SysRq+B.

    Then, I tried with a LiveCd 15.04 and same error ocurred, when i selectet text in Writer.

    So, I check the same type “select text” in LibreOffice Writer in Windows and it works fine.

    What is the problem in Ubuntu?

    Wired USB optical mouse and Keyboard

    Thank you


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