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Thread: Enabling rlogind on Ubuntu (14.04) desktop?

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    Enabling rlogind on Ubuntu (14.04) desktop?

    Sorry. This is kind-of a newbie question, I know, but I googled around awhile and could not find any good clear answer.

    I have a couple of boxes on my local network that are well and truly behind a firewall. One runs FreeBSD and (as of recently) the other one is running Ubuntu 14.04 desktop. I need/want to be able to rlogin from the FreeBSD box to the Ubuntu box. I know, I know. Everybody is going to say "Just use ssh!", but I prefer not to. It is unnecessarly complicated to set up for my purposes, and I don't need that level of security. So I just want to enable rlogind and rshd on the Ubuntu box. What are the exact steps necessary to do that?

    (Note: I have already done "apt-get install rsh-redone-server" and that seemed to work OK. But I am guessing that I will also need to diddle some config file(s) for something like {x}inetd, no? One online source told me to go fiddle some file underneath the /etc/xinetd.d directory, but there does not seem to be any such directory on my Ubuntu box.

    An additional follow-up question: May I safely assume that rsh-redone-server should be used in preference to rsh-server these days? Which one is considered the more stable of the two?

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    Re: Enabling rlogind on Ubuntu (14.04) desktop?

    Sorry. Following up on myself... I need to say "NEVERMIND"

    Just for laughs, I just tried to rlogin to my Ubuntu box and was totally shocked when it just simply worked.

    I'm not kidding. You could have knocked me over with a feather! This was just totally surprising to me.

    I am accustomed to FreeBSD where the presence of the rlogind/rshd executables is most definitely not sufficient to enable these servers, and where you most certainly do have to manually diddle /etc/inetd.conf before the relevant services are actually enabled.

    Humm... I guess this raises a different sort of question... On the Ubuntu box, if, hypothetically, someday I want to disable rlogind and rshd, then what config file(s) would I need to diddle in order to do that? (This will be educational for me.)


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