it violates no rules and as kiwinz suggested in this thread, he jailed it because he thought it might eventually violate rules...

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Trust me I have been doing this for more years I care to remember. That thread would have been a mess very fast .
it may have eventually, but i doubt it. to me, the thread seemed to be intended as a light-hearted satire. at any rate, it hadn't violated any rules yet and did not yet belong in the jail (unless, of course, it contained WMDs).

i don't think pre-emptive strikes are inkeeping with the rules of this forum, nor the ubuntu code. i was once unfairly accused of trolling by another mod and it just got on my nerves (the turnout of the thread proved that mod to be very wrong). but, there are people who would be very put off by such treatment and i think that goes well against the intent of making all feel welcome.