(I have no clue if this was the proper area to ask this, but this seems the most loosly assosiated set of linux talk and question threads on the forum... so move me if I'm wrong)

So, basically, what I was to do is run Windows XP, which I use mostly because of gameing and to tag MP3s, and have it be stable for these things, and run Colinux with Ubuntu, so that I can run Myth TV or some such PVR type prog (when I get a tuner and go back to school in the fall that is), Firefox, Gaim, and such in linux, where it is much more fun to run these programs, not to mention safer (at least as far as the internet stuff is concerned).

My questions are: Would this setup be stable? IE would running myth in the background while im playing Guild Wars be OK? Or would watching TV on the Linux side with myth be pushing it even?

Would both OS's be able to mount my FAT32 common drive that I currently use between them in a dual boot situation?

And, would I be able to find some virtual desktop program akin to what Gnome has natively so that I didnt have to run Ubuntu out of some lame Windows... window?

At the moment I dual-boot, but since I went out and got GW: Factions, I havent booted Linux for months. I really enjoy the look, feel, and challenge of it, but I dont want to have to give transgaming all of my money to be able to run my games in a semi-stable fashion.

Thanks for all your help, this forum really rocks for linux newbies!