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Thread: Tascam US-16x08

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    Tascam US-16x08

    Had a hell of a time getting this thing to work with ubuntu studio 14.04.2
    The problem was that in QjackCtl - the "interface" selection drop down was greyed out.
    After much of a muchness I figured out how to make it work:

    1: power on the us16x08 BEFORE powering on the pc
    2: after the pc powers up - start QjackCtl - go into settings
    3: use the "server" drop down to select something other than alsa - then back to alsa until the "interface" drop down becomes enabled
    4: select the us-16x08 as the interface, set input channels to 16 and output channels to 8
    5: save and start jack
    You will now have all channels available for patching in ardour DAW.

    note: pulse audio sees the board as a 7.1 with no inputs (mics) - thats fine I guess - you can select the US-16x08 and your system sounds will play through outputs 1 and 2
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