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Thread: USB ports repeatedly powering down (ubuntu 14.10)

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    Question USB ports repeatedly powering down (ubuntu 14.10)

    Hi there,

    If I don't use my Ubuntu 14.10 PC for even a short period of time, or suspend, it seems that the USB ports get powered down. Both the mouse and the keyboard stop working and have all lights go out until I physically unplug my USB devices and reinsert them. After that they work fine until it happens again a bit later.

    I don't get this issue in Windows, so I don't think it's hardware related.

    I've already Googled and searched here, but haven't found any similar issues discussed and solved elsewhere. I'm not quite sure how to debug this issue though, so by all means ask for output from any relevant commands that might help. I already looked at the output from dmesg | grep usb and didn't see any errors.

    What should I look at to troubleshoot this further?

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    Re: USB ports repeatedly powering down (ubuntu 14.10)

    Hi! Did you already solve this problem? It looks very similar to my issue. Reading your post I thought it may have something to do with the fact I'm dual-booting the system, as I sometimes experience boot mess-ups between Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. Both OS's off course want to dominate the boot procedure. Did/do you also have issues with this?

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