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Thread: Yabause emulator - ?

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    Yabause emulator - ?

    Using 12.04 LTS

    Anyone using Yabause emulator (Sega Saturn) ?

    I installed it and got a bios file for it; however, I can't get anything to run on it.

    If someone is having success with it, please chime in. Perhaps I need a rom with a specific type of file extension - ?

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    Re: Yabause emulator - ?

    Only ever had very limited success with Saturn emulation and Yabause. It's going to be some time before Saturn emulation is perfected I reckon. Just a notoriously difficult system, with a very complicated architecture sadly. I settle for playing VF5, Sega Rally, Daytona and NiGHTS on my PS3 instead. Much less hassle.
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