I'm having trouble trying to find out how to add a file-type (mime-type) icon for some software, namely 'Blender'.

Blender has been downloaded manually, and not through the Software Centre (due to Cuda... for Nvidia etc.) i.e. it's not installed. Instead I have created a “blender.desktop” file in usr/share/applications.

I've also managed to get the default “.blend” (application/x-blender) files to be associated with blender
so that I can just double click them to load up the file in Blender.

But one thing still remains, I need to add an icon for the mime type (for the “.blend” file). Can someone please tell me briefly step by step what to do?

I've followed the Wiki for Mime Types, but it didn't work for me, either that, or I missed something.

Thanks, Jay.