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Thread: Password prompts

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    Password prompts

    Hello there,

    I recently installed Ybunutu 14.04 on an old laptop and I am getting sick and tired of the constant password prompts when trying to install/uninstall software etc. Can someone please tell me how to disable those prompts? What I have tried so far is going through a terminal, entering the command sudo visudo and editing the file at the line
    %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL
    %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL.
    That had no effect whatsoever. Is there another way? I am still getting those annoying prompts. I understand it can be somewhat a security risk to turn them off but this is a single user old laptop with practically nothing in it. I am only using it to play with linux and learn some python.

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    Re: Password prompts

    Closed, thread continues here:
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