I would like to play guitar through my usb foot pedal (Digitech rp350) into Rakarrack to record in Ardour.
There is little to no information on Google nor UF about this so I am posting a new thread as the old one may as well be written in cuneiform. The manual for the program is vague at best as it has no way of seeing which hardware one would use and I'm assuming they're all different aproaches of routing the sound from usb.
I have used the JackControl Connections applet to experiment with all different arrangements and have run into a brick wall. I have no idea what I'm doing in the actual Settings applet wrt Driver selection dropdown, i.e. which one is which, dummy, sun oss, alsa, portaudio, coreaudio, freebob, firewire, net or netone.
With each one, different portions of the selection applet are greyed out or active. I would think I should let Ubuntu's native, alsa be the one I choose, but have no idea where to go from there. I plan on posting a lengthy video for just this topic once I get it figured out to solve this dilemma. Any help on the issue would be great!