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Thread: Can I set F4 = Repeat?

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    Can I set F4 = Repeat?

    Starting years ago in Excel, I got used to using special function key F4 to repeat the last action.

    After switching to Open Office in XP & later in Ubuntu, I found a way to set F4=repeat, but I don't remember how.

    Even in LibreOffice until recently, I had F4=repeat, again I don't know how & cannot go back to check.

    Now in 14.04.1 / LibO, I can't find any way to set this action, either in Ubuntu or in LibO.

    Is it possible?

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    Re: Can I set F4 = Repeat?

    Go to calc's options = > advanced => expert configuration
    Find the F4 entry and edit it. Replace the string with .uno:Repeat


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