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Thread: Screen Resolution changes automatically after restart and logout

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    Screen Resolution changes automatically after restart and logout

    Hello guys.
    Recently I had installed Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.1 64 Bit. I am facing an issue. Whenever I restart my computer or re- login, the screen resolution of the monitor changes automatically.

    I am using 22 inch AOC Full HD monitor. I wanted to use lower resolutions due to some work. When I restart computer, the resolution automatically changes to full HD which is native resolution. And the thing is that I am selecting from the options from by default available resolutions and not messing with customised or new resolutions.

    While trying to find a solution, I created the xorg.conf file but even that didn't work. The xorg.conf created was incomplete (I know because I have used linux mint for 2 years and added custom screen resolution with the help of xorg.conf file and the contents of xorg files do not match even 1 percent, a lot of sections are missing). Then I insert a command xrandr -s 1440x900 in startup applications. This temporary solution has worked but it has slowed the performance of gnome shell. When I tried to restart gnome shell by pressing alt+F2 and typing r, resolution again changed to Full HD. So I am not sure what is the actual cause of the problem.

    One more thing, I have read some threads in which people say resolution changes even after monitor turn off or lock screen. This is not in my case

    Any kind of help and suggestions are appreciated.

    My Hardware is- Intel Core i3 2100, 4 GB ram, No graphics Card, 1 TB HDD,
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