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Thread: Dual boot Ubuntu and Elementary OS help please!

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    Dual boot Ubuntu and Elementary OS help please!


    So, the laptop I have has a 32GB SSD and a 750GB HDD. I have Ubuntu installed on the SSD and I use the HDD as storage. I set up another partition on the SSD to install Elementary OS. Now from what I read, I did not want to install the bootloader (grub2) over the Ubuntu bootloader as I wanted Ubuntu to control boot like it always does. I read that I should install the Elementary OS bootloader to the same partition as where the OS was going to install. I did that and everything installed fine, I rebooted to be bought to a new bootloader (It obviously overwrote the previous one) asking me to select which OS I want to run. This wouldn't be a problem but I now have about 5 or 6 different Ubuntu options to choose from? What has gone wrong and how do I change it so I only have one option each for Ubuntu and Elementary OS?

    Oh, and when I boot Elementary OS it just sends me to a command prompt screen and does not actually boot into a GUI??? <<< This is fixed now, updating the kernel fixed it! Still have the problem with Grub though!!

    Thank you!
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