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Thread: Bacula v7.0.5

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    Bacula v7.0.5


    I am trying to setup my first Bacula system and I noticed that the version of Bacula in the official repo (apt-get install bacula...) is 5.5 and the site has v7.0.5. Who can I contact to have the newest version ported to the ubuntu repos? I hope that I am using the correct terminology? I know that I can build from source but I prefer to use the official repos.


    - Erik

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    Re: Bacula v7.0.5

    I am getting ready to convert my Windows XP x64 backup workstation running Symantec Backup Exec to Ubuntu 14.04 and Bacula 7.0.5. The site has excellent documents for installing and configuring. Last night, I did a Live DVD test and it found the SCSI controller and three tape drives. This weekend I will be converting the workstation over and installing it. I will let you know how it goes.

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